Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turning noodles into RAMEN!

Apparently, you can turn other types of noodles into Ramen noodles by cooking them with a tablespoon or two of baking soda, according to Hiro-shio's blog. Soba, udon, even spaghetti noodles are fair game! But why bother, when you can just open an instant package? Because, packaged ramen noodles have been fried, and are full of sodium - not exactly the most healthful choice. Cooking noodles with baking soda increases the cooking time slightly, but results in slippery, chewy, ramen-textured noodles that you can enjoy with your favorite homemade soup or dipping sauce.

After you've added the baking soda to the water, then added the noodles, watch out! This foams. A LOT.  So, you will probably need to turn the temperature down to keep it from boiling over. But, rest assured, your patience and ingenuity will be rewarded with yummy ramen noodles.

For the soup portion, you can use purchased noodle soup base or make your own. I usually throw together some dashi, sake and a piece of kombu and add flavor from there.  Miso is a great addition.  For spicy korean-style, I like to add gochujuang, to the broth.  Add your favorite toppings and you're all set!

(random ramen picture from the interwebs.....)

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