Monday, December 22, 2008

Takamine C143S

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Wow - I do in fact have a blog! So, I guess I should use it!

My new guitar - lovely, lovely, but she's too large for me. She sounds so wonderful that I don't really care. I bought her used, and even though I knew she was too big, I had to have her.

Unfortunately, she had a catastrophic accident - the latch to her case apparently doesn't fasten down easily.... I heard a click and she fell out, damaging her top. I almost starting crying right then.

Wow - I *do* have a blog don't I?

I had trouble pulling up this blog to post for some reason... and then forgot about it until recently. So, to jump right into things....

I bought a new guitar! Takamine C134Sm, built in 1980. Wouldn't you know it - I took it to a friend's house, and discovered (catastophically) that the latches to the case leave much to be desired. I'd fastened them down, took my guitar in the other room to show my friend, and suddenly "click" the latches are open, and my guitar falls out. Now I have a couple of ugly marks and a nasty gash! I almost started crying right there.