Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Korean Soul Food

I absolutely love Korean food. Lately, I've really enjoyed making spicy, flavorful Korean stews. Originally I stuck with the recipes from Maangchi. If you've never heard of her, go immediately to her website. Now. You can read mine later.... this woman is the goddess of Korean cooking and you're bound to love her as much as I do!!!!

So, I did a modified version of her gamjatang recipe. Except, I didn't have most of the fresh ingredients, so I left out the perilla leaves, napa cabbage and bean sprouts. I did have a package of Korean extra soft tofu, so I added this instead, along with some chopped up kimchi. So I guess this stew is a combination of gamjatang and kimchi jigae. I just called it delicious, and the perfect thing to eat when you're fighting off a sinus infection!

Here's a picture of my stewpot, happily simmering away.